FinTech Development

Looking to develop a platform or solution for an e-wallet, payment solution, financing platform (for direct lending, micro-financing, P2P, RTO etc), subsidy management, trading and exchange, remittance. If you have a great idea in this space looking for a technology partner, talk to us today.


iMocha in the Fintech Industry

iMocha provides support and the platform that FinTech startups may leverage to get a head start from development of new solutions to deployment. In line with the digital innovation and transformation in the financial sector, iMocha constantly explore and innovate products for the financial services industry

iMocha’s Cash & Treasury Management Solution provides a ready platform to integrate with FinTech solutions
iMocha’s Digital banking Solution; Mobile Banking, QR Payment, eWallet

iMocha’s Financial Services and FinTech; Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

iMocha's Insurance Servicing Tool; Chatbots, Sales Tool, Agency Management and etc

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